Why You Should Join The Jewish War Veterans of the USA

Established in 1896, we stand for Jewish pride, identity, and American Jewish military service to our nation.

Why You Should Join:

  1. As our veterans return from our current conflicts wounded in both mind and body, the JWV stands ready, as it has since 1896, to ensure that those who have fought our nation's battles receive the treatment and the respect that they deserve from a grateful nation through JWV's access to VA and government officials.

  2. As a member of the JWV, you will continue a proud tradition of service to our country and to the Jewish community here and abroad.

  3. As anti-Semitism rises around the globe, the JWV stands ready, as it has since 1896, to fight bigotry and prejudice wherever it is found and to support the state of Israel, the bastion of democracy in the Middle East.

JWV Members Enjoy:

  1. Veterans Service Offices throughout the nation, representing veterans and their families before the Department of Veterans Affairs in benefit disputes.

  2. Advocacy for veterans entitlements, civil rights, and Jewish issues.

  3. A network of volunteers providing needed services in VA hospitals.

  4. Comradeship, social events and support in times of need.

  5. Informative reporting on Jewish and veterans issues through our national publication, "The Jewish Veteran."

  6. Life, health and accident insurance programs through Marsh insurance Company.

  7. Home and auto insurance programs, financial planning, banking services through USAA.

  8. USAA credit card program.

  9. National Committee Meetings that can be attended from anywhere in the country via teleconference.

  10. Annual meetings with major speakers, educational seminars, stimulating workshops, entertainment, tours and banquets.

  11. International JWV Assembly Meetings in Israel.

JWV Community Supports Include:

  1. Special care and attention to active duty Jewish service persons and their families.

  2. Donations of Jewish Bibles, ritual needs and foodstuffs to members of the Armed Forces.

  3. Graduation gifts and recognition for military cadets at service academies.

  4. Work with other veterans service organizations to protect the rights of veterans.

  5. Education grants for worthy high school graduates who are children and grandchildren of JWV members and grants for student athletes.

  6. Sponsorship of Boy Scout Troops, recognition of Eagle Scouts.

  7. Representation to the VA and housing options for transitioning veterans following drug treatment programs.

  8. Disaster Relief Program to assist victims of natural disasters.

  9. Seeking just recognition, awards and medals for deserving service persons.

  10. National Reward Fund for the apprehension of anti-Semitic and racist vandals.

JWV Supports Our Fellow Jews in Israel Through:

  1. Sponsorship of Allied Veterans Missions to Israel for non-Jewish veteran leaders to see Israel for themselves and become advocates to other veterans groups.

  2. JWV registered representative at the U.N. who monitors resolutions and rulings.

Affiliated With JWV:

  1. JWV supports the National Museum of American Jewish Military History (NMAJMH):

    1. Museum exhibits include "Fallen Heroes", "Hidden Treasures: Selections from our Collection", "Major General Julius Klein: His Life and Work", "Women in the Military: A Jewish Perspective", "Gold Star Mothers", "Hall of Heroes", and "Rescue & Renewal : GIs and Displaced Persons"

    2. Museum traveling exhibits include "A Salute to Jewish Military Chaplains", "GIs Remember: Liberating the Concentration Camps", "Commodore Uriah P. Levy: An American, A Sailor, and a Jew", "Hall of Heroes", "Rescue and Renewal", and "Candid Moments in the Military"

    3. JWV and NMAJMH members enjoy special exhibit openings, receptions and tours.

    4. JWV and NMAJMH members support the Rabbi Joshua Goldberg Chapel and the Alvin A. Hyman.

  2. Memorial Interactive Yarzheit Display.

  3. JWV encourages support for the JWV National Ladies Auxiliary.