The Gold Star

During World War I, Army Captain Robert L. Queisser sought a way to honor his sons’ military service. He came up with the idea of a blue star banner. Other families soon adopted his blue star banner to indicate active duty service in the war. Sadly, many also displayed gold stars on those banners, symbolizing the death of that service member. The Department of Defense eventually authorized the display of the banners during times of war.

The white field on the banner, edged with red, can hold up to five blue stars. The blue of those stars symbolizes hope and pride for the service of a family member. The banners are displayed facing out in a front window of the home. Silver stars, which indicate a family member wounded in action, symbolize gallantry, while gold stars, added for family members killed during active duty, stand for sacrifice made for honor and freedom. The gold or silver stars are made slightly smaller than the original, so that a thin border of blue shows around the addition.

In 1954, the Jewish War Veterans Department of Michigan created a Gold Star book for all Jewish Michigan residents who we knew of that died in World War II and Korea and called it our 'Golden Book'.

What's the difference between 'Lest We Forget' and our 'Golden Book'?

'Lest We Forget' remembers Veterans that had a JWV-Michigan Post named for them. Some of them were not from Michigan (Major General Maurice Rose), and some were not even Jewish (The Four Chaplains). Some of those remembered were not wartime casualties, but their contribution to JWV was so great that friends named their JWV Post after them when they passed. Not only does 'Lest We Forget' honor the memory of those Veterans, but also the memory of those Posts - many of which have been combined into other Posts as their membership declined.

The printed 'JWV Michigan Golden Book' remembers Michigan-based Jewish Veterans that died in WWII and Korea. There is a small overlap between our 'Golden Book' and 'Lest We Forget'.

About our 'Golden Book'

The following list of names are all "click-able". For those that had a dedicated page in our printed Golden Book, that page is displayed. For the remainder, a summary page is displayed. Our intent is to gradually research each name on the summary pages and create a digital Golden Book page for that person. As that is done, their name within the index below will link to their new Golden Book page, and will be removed from the digital summary page.

The names listed below died in WWII, unless otherwise indicated next to the name. While converting our 'Golden Book' to digital form, research added additional names from World Wars One & Two, Korea, and the Vietnam War, through 1969. The list of names below are those killed-in-action that we have been told were Jewish and from Michigan. Additional Michigan Jewish soldiers, sailors, and airmen likely were killed-in-action that we have not been told about. Contact us by email here to add someone.

There were 230 pages in the Golden Book digitally copied, including an introduction page and an epilog page. There are 5 more summary pages at the end just before the epilog, listing Jewish Michigan dead for which we have no information other than name.

To make viewing easier, a slideshow is available to go through all of the digital 'Golden Book'.

Links:       Golden Book introduction page       Golden Book epilog page       Golden Book Slideshow

Aaron - Fox

Aaron, Louis
Abraham, Gottfried
Abrams, Maurice L.
Adelstein, Harold B.
Allowitz, Theodore
Alpern, Gordon Junior
Apple, Albert B.
Arje, Henry S.
Arkins, Richard Dean
Aronberg, Morris (WW I)
Aronovitz, Israel
Aronsohn, Herman
Artutz, Ludwig
Asher, Herman
Bader, Peter
Baker, Eugene James (Korea)
Bale, Joseph Louis
Baltuck, Lewis Clarence
Barry, Lewis W. (WW I)
Beckman, Leon J.
Benison, Arthur L.
Berendt, Louis L.
Berger, Carl George (WW I)
Berger, George
Berger, Leon
Berman, Harry Soloman
Bernstein, Max
Bernstein, Phillip
Biederman, Gerald
Bilkovsky, William (WW I)
Bloch, Heiner M.
Bloch, Raymond
Blue, Benjamin F.
Blumberg, Robert Allen
Blumenfield, David
Blumlo, Jack
Bodzin, Henry Jerry
Boim, Paul
Bornkind, Jack
Brauer, William G. (WW I)
Brenner, Albert M.
Brody, Albert D.
Bushman, William
Buttner, Sol
Canner, Bernard Victor
Cantor, Allen Bernard
Cherry, Allen S. (Korea)
Coblentz, Harold
Cohen, Benjamin A.
Cohen, Clarence
Cohen, Hyman Herbert
Cohen, Irving
Cohen, Julius
Cohen, Lawrence
Cohen, Milton S
Cohen, Morris
Cohen, Samuel
Cohen, Solomon N.
Cohen, Victor (WW I)
Cohn, Max
Colville, David P.
Cone, Benjamin F. (WW I)
Cron, Arthur
Dater, Harvey
Davis, Charles P.
Davis, Jack
Davis, Leo L.
Deutsch, Robert Stanley
Diamond, Morris (WW I)
Dietz, Julius H.
Eckstein, Alexander
Edelman, Joseph
Eisen, Sam
Elson, Calvin
Elson, Stanley
Emery, Allan L.
Emmer, David H.
Eserow, Sidney
Eskin, Martin (Korea)
Fagenbaum, Joseph
Falberg, Charles
Faudem, Frank
Fallnagle, Robert
Fields, Albert
Fineberg, Milton I.
Fish, Gerald G. (WW I)
Fishberg, Jack
Fischer, Henry J. (WW I)
Fleischer, Robert
Forman, Louis Michael (Vietnam)
Fox, Donald
Fox, Melvin R. (WW I)

Franklin - Lewin

Franklin, Richard B.
Freeberg, Harry
Freeman, Edmund
Freeman, Fred
Friedberg, Jacob William
Friedman, Abraham / Abe
Friedman, Eugene
Friedman, Kurt R.
Friendman, Solomon
Fundamensky, Herbert L.
Garber, Charles
Gardner, Bernard
Geller, Herbert S.
Gerheim, Harry Morton (WW I)
Ginsburg, Daniel
Gitlin, Myer
Givot, Martin L. (Korea)
Gladman, Abraham M.
Glasky, William (WW I)
Glick, Harvey
Gliss, Sydney (WW I)
Goldberg, Max
Goldberg, Morris J.
Goldfarb, Doran H.
Goldstein, Stanley
Gontz, Harry William (WW I)
Goodman, Alex Kruger
Goodman, Sidney G.
Gorelick, Harry S.
Gottlieb, Morton
Green, Philip M.
Green, Roy F.
Greenbaum, Charles
Greenberg, David
Greenberg, Hyman
Greenberg, Jerome H.
Greenberg, Walter Herman
Greenup, Leo Charles (WW I)
Greenwald, Dennis (Vietnam)
Grenfeld, Samuel B. (WW I)
Gresser, Joseph Andrew (WW I)
Grossman, Leonard L.
Grossman, Mordecai M.
Gura, Gerald Arthur
Gurvis, Milton
Hardstein, Herman I.
Hart, Theodore W.
Hefferman, William Carl (WW I)
Herzberg, Lawrence
Himelhoch, Gilbert
Hochman, Nathan
Holin, Julius A.
Hora, Raymond E.
Horowitz, Bernard
Iden, Rubin
Jacobs, Alfred L.
Jacobson, Rodney E.
Kadish, Abraham
Kahn, Warren M.
Kanefsky, Hyman
Karbelnick, Albert
Kaschafsky, Fred Herman (WW I)
Kass, Thomas H.
Katz, Simon (WW I)
Katzen, Lester L.
Kaufman, Herbert J.
Kaufman, Theodore A. (Korea)
Kempner, Saul J.
Kleiman, Isadore
Kogan, Aaron
Kogan, Charles
Kopman, Joseph
Korinsky, Sol
Koss, Frederick
Krakow, Percy / Paul R.
Kreft, Victor William (WW I)
Kreuger, Albert C. (WW I)
Kritt, Joseph E.
Kuhn, Jack Schwartz
Labovitz, Alex
Lafer, Louis L.
Laro, Jack
Lash, Herman
Latzer, Solomon
Lehman, William J.
Leibovitz, Sidney
Leichty, Carl Hail (WW I)
Levenberg, Harvey
Levin, George
Levine, Irving
Levine, Paul Harold
Lewin-Epstein, Noah

Lewis - Schwartz

Lewis, Leonard L.
Lieberman, Harry L.
Liebermann, Harvey
Lifsitz, Mortimer N.
Lockstanoff, David
Lofman, Alexander
Lustig, Morton J.
Lustig, William Benjamin
Maldowsky, Lee M.
Maiesky, Emil
Mallon, Daniel David
Mandeberg, Eugene E.
Mandelkier, Martin (Korea)
Mandell, Herman Albert (WW I)
Mandell, Irving M.
Mann, Leo W. (WW I)
Mariani, David Yale (Vietnam)
Marlowe, Lee K.
Mathis, Robert
May, Abraham
Mayer, Seymour
Mehiloff, George (WW I)
Meister, Emanuel (WW I)
Melcher, Edward Leo (WW I)
Merriman, Richard C.
Meyer, George F. (WW I)
Meyers, Morris
Miller, Morris
Mirowitz, Edward C.
Mogill, Alexander N.
Molar, Loue J. (Korea)
Moldawsky, Sol
Moritz, Sigmund
Morris, Charles D.
Morris, Charles W. (WW I)
Morris, Herbert W.
Morris, Milton Palmer (WW I)
Moscovitz, Samuel B.
Moss, Joey
Myers, Morris
Myers, William H.
Nabatoff, Bernard
Nagel, Harry A. (WW I)
Nash, Sam
Neshkes, Leo
Netzorg, David Leon
Newmark, Edward L.
Oberstein, Lawrence
Osborne, Arthur J.
Passerman, Victor
Pear1, William Bertram
Pearlman, Irving
Pearlstein, Saul L.
Perlick, Otto (WW I)
Pershing, Charles
Pilnick, David
Pokart, Sidney
Racey, Sherwood L.
Rachlin, Joseph C.
Rafelson, Robert Julien
Rankin, Joseph D. (WW I)
Raskin, Arthur Aaron
Reiss, George W. (WW I)
Reitman, Ben
Rickerman, Russell C. (WW I)
Richter, Franz (WW I)
Riegler, Stanford Jacob (Korea)
Ring, Louis
Robinson, Harry E.
Rosenbaum, Melvin
Rosenberg, Joseph
Rosenberg, Kenneth
Rosenberg, Leon Elmer
Rosenfield, Harold T.
Rosenfield, Kenneth
Rosenthal, Alex
Rosenthal, Myron
Rosenthal, Ned D.
Rosenthal, Paul C.
Rosenthal, Saul E. (WW I)
Ross, Phillip
Ross, Saul M.
Rubel, Harry
Rubin, Harold
Sampson, William Gilbert
Sapperstein, Melvin S.
Schechter, Herman
Schlesinger, Herbert
Schreibman, Harry
Schultz, Jack Edward
Schwaller, Albert (WW I)
Schwartz, Edward

Schweitzer - Zussman

Schweitzer, Fred (WW I)
Seeder, Myron
Segel, Jack S.
Seiff, Murray
Semansky, Jack
Seymour, William
Shafer, Raymond Zelik
Shaffer, William H. (WW I)
Shamberger, Andy John (WW I)
Shapiro, Dr. Arthur I.
Shapiro, Charles
Shapson, Gerald A.
Shaw, Lloyd William
Sheiff, Samuel
Shell, Lawrence (Korea)
Sher, Mitchell
Shiffman, Harold Eli
Silberman, Robert E.
Silverman, Irwin
Silverman, Harold
Silverman, Morton Albert
Silverman, Sam
Silverston, Robert L.
Simon, Harold J.
Simon, Lewis Arthur
Sinkoff, Saul H.
Sirotkin, Marvin
Skully, Gregory Albert
Sloss, William (WW I)
Small, Eddie E. (WW I)
Smarinsky, Irving
Sobel, Robert
Sobole, Seymour L.
Sokol, Phillip
Solomon, Arthur Aaron
Solomon, Donald L.E. (Korea)
Solomon, Max (WW I)
Solomon, Paul
Solomon, Raymond F. (WW I)
Solomon, Solomon Jacob
Spitzer, Joseph
Staub, Alexander J.
Steckowitz, Anthony
Stein, Harry
Stein, Meyer Bernard
Steinberg, Henry F. (WW I)
Steinberg, Joseph
Steinway, Morris S.
Stern, Jerome J.
Stern, Saul I.
Sternberg, Harold E.
Stevens, Harry
Stoll, Robert H.
Stracher, Leon
Sturmack, Don Keith
Talberg, Charles
Taub, Morris
Tennenbaum, Harold
Ulanoff, Jack Paul
Waldeyer, Norbert C. (WW I)
Waldman, Arthur
Warner, Lewis Jay
Warshawsky, Martin
Wax, John Harvey
Waxman, Murray M.
Weil, Larry S. (Vietnam)
Weil, Max
Weil, Victor H.
Weiner, Norman
Weisman, Robert P.
Weiss, Harold (WW I)
Weiss, Herbert
Weiss, Irwin Harold
Wells, Louis A.
Werner, Bernard
Wienner, Robert N.
Wiesgerber, Michael
Wilberman, Robert E.
Willker, Alexander
Winokur, Jack
Wolff, Arnold
Wollenberg, Sam (WW I)
Woolf, Irving L.
Yetz, Sol
Yuster, Mandell (Korea)
Zaas, Isadore
Zelby, Samuel
Zeller, Michael
Zessar, Leroy / Roy
Zimberg, Ben
Zimmerman, Carl H. (WW I)
Zimmerman, Philip J.
Zussman, Raymond