What is the JWV Ladies Auxiliary?

A Labor of Love - Supporting Veterans and Families in Time of War and Peace

JWV Auxiliary membership is composed of the spouses, children, siblings, and (grand)parents of the men and women who served with honor in the Armed Services, defending the United States. The mission of the Jewish War Veteran Auxiliary (JWVA) is to provide service to: the general community, the Veteran Community, the Jewish Community and to America's youth.

Some of the proudest achievements of the JWVA on record include: Children's Milk Fund for Israel; anti-Nazi boycotts; and the sale of 3.5 million dollars of Liberty Bonds for the purchase of the 35,000 ton ship named Ida Strauss. The National Auxiliary was the first national organization to present two annual scholarships to Brandeis University. It also sponsored many 'Americanism' programs including flag distribution to schools, religious institutions and scouting troops; essay competitions, and arranging for hospital patients to vote. In the 1950s, members of 14 local JWV Auxiliaries worked closely with the USO in Detroit. They logged hundreds of volunteer hours making sandwiches for hungry servicemen that would visit the Detroit USO for lunch. Twice monthly, the JWV would supply the ingredients for 700 sandwiches; the Auxiliaries would provide the power in the kitchen along with baking their own homemade cakes and sweets for dessert.


Over the years, membership in the JWV Auxiliaries within Michigan has declined due to relocations and the passing of members. In June 2011, the remaining three Auxiliary Posts - #333, #510, and #527 - petitioned the National Jewish War Veterans Auxiliary and combined into one unit (#333).





JWV Auxiliary members preparing 'Blessing Bags'


Although a bit smaller than it was in the 1950s and 60s, the JWVA is still very active. Pictured are Ellen Hechler, Andi Weiss, Sheryl Erlich, Diane Jacobs, and Barbara Davis preparing 'Blessing Bags' on February 7, 2022, for distribution the next day to veterans at the Piquette Square Homeless Veterans Shelter in Southwest Detroit.

All events that the JWV Department of Michigan are invited to, the JWV Auxiliary also attends, including parades.

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JWV Auxiliary in the Detroit 2019 Veterans Day Parade


The historical information on this page is excerpted from pages 9-14 of the 2014 booklet, "Lest We Forget  Saluting the Dedication of the Jewish War Veterans of Michigan and their Auxiliaries, A Compiled History" by Andrea M. Gallucci, MLIS with her permission. All photos on this page are owned by the JWV of Michigan. Written permission is required for outside usage. Please contact our webmaster.