Jewish War Veteran Hats

Hats above:   JWV Post,        JWV Department,        JWV National,           JWV Patron.

If you need a JWV hat, Keystone Uniform Cap Company is where you buy them. Order your hat size. If you don't know what your hat size is, then email our hats person. Our hats person keeps a selection of hats on hand for sizing purposes.

The "piping" on the Post hats indicates whether you are a Veteran or a Patron. Yellow piping is for Veterans. Green piping is for Patrons. When speaking to Keystone, be sure to order the correct piping color.

The JWV hat comes with a JWV patch on the left-front and the letters "J.W.V." on the right-front. Embroidery you need (Post name and number) will either be done by Keystone for an additional price, or you can have it done locally.

One of the local businesses that embroiders JWV hats is, "Kathy & Michelles Creations, 6131 Canmoor Drive, Troy (248-565-6357)".

JWV hats from Keystone are (as of this writing) $30. Shipping is another $10. Embroidery is extra.

Our Post Embroidery: