Jewish War Veteran Hats

   Hats shown above (L-to-R) are: JWV Post, JWV Department (white), JWV National (light blue), and JWV Patron.

If you are NOT local (metro-Detroit) and need a JWV hat, Keystone Uniform Cap Company is where you buy them. Order your hat size. The basic JWV hat comes with a JWV patch on the left side and the letters "J.W.V." on the right-front. Additional embroidery you need can be done by Keystone for a reasonable price. If you don't know what your hat size is, then email me - I keep a selection of hats on hand for sizing purposes.

If you are local (metro-Detroit) and need a JWV hat, Department of Michigan keeps a small supply of basic Post hats on hand. Email me and, if we have your hat size in stock, you can buy it from us and save time. Department of Michigan hats in stock are basic Post hats. We have a local business that embroiders JWV hats when you have the time to take it off, at a very reasonable price. Email me about embroidery after buying your hat.

If we don't have your hat size in stock or you need a Patron, National, or Department hat, then go ahead and order yours from Keystone. Note that you can probably speed-up delivery by not having Keystone embroider it; our local embroidery business can do it, even after you've worn the hat in a parade or something.

JWV hats from Keystone start at (as of this writing) $25. Shipping is another $8. Embroidery is $.60 per letter.

JWV hats from Department of Michigan are the same price as Keystone, but since we ship multiple hats at a time, $4 for shipping. Our local embroidery business charges by the line: $6 for 1, $8 for 2, $11 for 3.