When a Veteran Dies

  1. Contact the Funeral Director of your choice to arrange for interment.
  2. Contact the religious leader of your choice to arrange for the service you desire.
  3. Bring to the Funeral Director; the veteran's social security number and a copy of the veteran's separation notice or DD214.
  4. With your permission, the Funeral Director will contact JWV and arrange for the flag to drape the casket and the Honor Guard (provided the veteran received an Honorable Discharge). Do not attempt to contact JWV directly to arrange for an Honor Guard - only the Funeral Director may do that.
  5. If the veteran was receiving disability payments from the V.A. then the V.A. must be notified that the veteran has passed away and any checks received after demise should be returned under penalty of law.
  6. Before cleaning-out the veteran's service-related things, consider donating them to the JWV-MI Archive at the Rabbi Leo M. Franklin Archives. For more information about donating, click on this link.