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What Is A Post? A Department?
Department of Michigan Officers
Post 135, 474, 510 Officers
Memorial Home Assn of MI Officers
Auxilliary Officers
JWV & JWVA Constitution & ByLaws

  1. JWV National Constitution and ByLaws
  2. JWV National Manual of Ceremonies
  3. JWV Department of Michigan ByLaws
  4. JWV Zussman Post 135 ByLaws
  5. JWV Bale Post 474 ByLaws
  6. JWV Shapiro-Rose Post 510 ByLaws
  7. Post ByLaws Approval by National
  8. JWVA National Constitution and ByLaws
  9. JWVA National Rituals
  10. JWV National Program Guide
Department Officer Duties
What is the JWV Auxiliary?
Meeting Minutes


Calendar of Events
Mission Statement
Identify a Veteran's Grave
Volunteer Opportunities
Scholarships and Awards
Honor Guard
Dec 25 Trip to Battle Creek
JWV Auxilliary
Pictures (slideshows)

  1. 125th Anniversary of JWV congrats from Oakland County
  2. 125th Anniversary of JWV congrats from State of Michigan
  3. 2021 Nick Israel Memorial Day talk at Hillel
  4. 2021 Jerry Manchel Memorial Day talk at Hillel
  5. 2021 Memorial Day service at Machpelah Cemetery
  6. 2021 Activities
  7. 2020 Memorial Day service at Machpelah Cemetery
  8. 2020 July 19 ADL video
  9. 2020 Activities
  10. 2019 Activities
  11. 2019 JWV Auxiliary Activities
  12. 2018 Activities
  13. 2018 Shaary Zedek Veterans Shabbat video
  14. 2017 Activities
  15. 2016 Activities
  16. Move/re-dedicate WW2 Veterans of Memory Wall
  17. 2014 Activities
  18. 2013 Activities
  19. JWV Auxiliary
  20. Miscellaneous
ROTC Scholarship information
How-To WEBEX Videos
JWV History Timeline


Who We Are
Why You Should Join
Membership Types
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  1. Introduction & Acknowledgements
  2. PFC Joseph Bale
  3. Pvt. George Berger
  4. 1st Lt. Raymond Bloch
  5. 2d Lt. Henry Bodzin
  6. S/Sgt Maurice Cohen
  7. 1st Lt. Harvey Dater
  8. Four Chaplains
  9. 2d Lt. Daniel Ginsburg
  10. PFC Doran Goldfarb
  11. 2d Lt. Roy F. Green
  12. PFC Dennis Greenwald
  13. Sol Hoberman
  14. Lawrence H. Jones
  1. Sgt. Isadore Kleiman
  2. PFC Charles and 2d Lt. Aaron Kogan
  3. Lt. Eli Levin
  4. PFC Robert J. Rafelson
  5. Major General Maurice Rose
  6. MM1 Joseph Rosenberg
  7. 1st Lt. Eli Rosenblum
  8. Sgt. Charles Shapiro
  9. Sgt. Morton A. Silverman
  10. 1st Lt. Larry Weil
  11. 2d Lt. Jack Winokur
  12. S/Sgt. Sol Yetz
  13. 2d Lt. Raymond Zussman


WWII Tribute
Gold Star Book


Important Announcements
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When a Veteran Dies
V.A. Michigan locations and phone numbers
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VA Form 40-10007
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Aleph Institute The Jewish American Warrior
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